About Us

Stay strong,
Work hard,
Act now,
Go far!

We believe in what we do thanks to the trust shown by tens of thousands of users who have chosen our services over the years. We work with passion to offer a product that is always at the forefront. We anticipate the market and the needs of the user because Swag works as a family. We aim for the future by offering tomorrow's technology today.

Swag is mining, Swag is the right place to mine BTC and operate in the world of cryptocurrencies in an organic, safe and evolved way. Swag is the choice of tens of thousands of users who have understood and shared the value and the importance of our project.

How does it work?

and Mission

Mining without secrets and for everyone

Swag has a goal that is as easy as it is ambitious. Making the world of cryptocurrencies simple and affordable for everyone, bringing users closer to a complex sector but with full support and through suitable products. Starting with mining, because Swag offers all users the possibility to mine Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in a simple way and suitable for all economic possibilities, working as a community and not just as a single user or single company.

Such as? Unity is strength for us it is much more than a saying. It is a concrete and daily commitment to offer the Swag community of miners the best opportunities on the market, the most advanced and innovative services in full efficiency and through a direct and tailored relationship. User satisfaction, for us, is the best currency!


Our Swaggy wallet is the natural partner of mining, perfectly integrated, user friendly and constantly evolving to anticipate user needs. With Swaggy it is possible to operate in 360 ° cryptocurrency, receive mining extraction, make payments and purchase goods and services all over the world without any limitations. A complete modern wallet, reliable and suitable for every need. Swaggy can also be enhanced with the innovative services of Coincover and Sentyment!


Mining Bitcoin with Swag means entering a premium world by operating through the best international mining farms. An all-inclusive service perfectly adaptable to the customer's needs. Because Swag, in addition to providing the best ashrate available on the market, offers the possibility of renting even only fractions of real machines by modulating the costs of accessing the service.

Today we can offer from fixed draw to variable draw rental, without forgetting our structured accumulation plans to offer users the maximum return. Innovative possibilities with a great commercial impact.