Bundle, it's the right time for mining.

Why settle? With Swag you can
undermine as a protagonist

From today you can receive your refund in Euros.
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Max Price
? The amount you want to invest, you can always add funds to your investment at any time.

Bundle Miner x2

BTC 0,15852361 EUR 3.500,00
Carrier Points
792,618050 CP

Bundle Miner x3

BTC 0,23778542 EUR 5.250,00
Carrier Points
1.188,927100 CP

Bundle Miner x5

BTC 0,39630903 EUR 8.750,00
Carrier Points
1.981,545150 CP

Bundle Miner x10

BTC 0,79261805 EUR 17.500,00
Carrier Points
3.963,090250 CP