Evolution Advanced

Go beyond the limits, take your mining to 100th of power and add the exclusive SWA tokens. Here you can choose the option for installment payment of electricity.

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Evolution Mining
  • Start of mining

    The production's start the day after the purchase

  • Energy in installments

    You can pay for electricity in 12 installments of 110,00€ to limit the initial cost

  • Management

    All management cost included

  • Production

    Monthly variable production credit. You will receive 90% of the generated production.

  • Why choose it

    With Evolution ADVANCED you can combine the maximum of mining with the maximum of the SWA token

  • Warranty

    The extraction is protected by our policy

  • Let's start now

    Know immediately the start date of the mining activity, your machine is ready to mine under the best conditions

  • Environment

    We work with the utmost attention to the environment, avoiding waste and rewarding the most responsible mining farms